Williston is located in rural Levy County in North Central Florida.
✦ According to a recent population estimates, there 2,297 people in Williston and 24,450 people in Levy County. Over 600,000 people live within 50 miles of Williston.
A 13-man police force protects both the city and the industrial community.
A 22-man volunteer fire department offers fire protection to the city and the industrial community. Williston has a fire insurance rating of 7.
✦ Williston offers a great deal more then comparable sized small cities. Recreation is centered around the outdoors with excellent opportunities for golf, hunting, fishing, camping, boating, cave diving and horseback riding.
✦ The elevations around Williston vary from 75 - 100 feet above mean sea level. The city is surrounded by rolling green hills, although the city's industrial community is completely flat.
✦ Highways - The City is located on U.S. 41 and U.S. 27. Interstate 75 is minutes away to the East and North.
✦ Railroads - CSX Transportation tracks run through the city. Freight Service is available.
Williston Municipal Airport is located adjacent to the industrial Community. It features, 2 runways of 7000 feet and 5,000 feet. A portion of the longer runway is lighted. Facilities include a fixed base operator, aircraft maintenance and charter service.
✦ Charter service is available at Williston Municipal Airport
Health Facilities
Regional General Hospital Williston, 24/7 Emergency Services.
✦ Williston Health Care Center - 180 beds.
✦ There are 10 physicians and 3 dentists in Williston, 2 chiropractors.
✦ Williston has one weekly and two daily newspapers.
✦ No local television stations. Most networks are available on Cable TV.
The Williston Public Library is located at 10 SE 1st Street and Noble Avenue. It has 10,000 books and is a member of the Levy County Library System.
✦ There are 15 Churches, representing most major denominations.